About Us

The MIECoach Vision:

We believe a great coach unlocks a student’s true potential one session at a time. MIECoach facilitates confidence in students through education and motivation.

The MIECoach Strategy:

We encourage students to be life-long learner. Our coaches encourage students to apply their knowledge and talents to be motivated and confident. Our strategy is to customize individualized lesson plans to ensure success and a high self esteem in students’ everyday lives. MIECoach teachers hand hold your child to academic success one session at a time.

The MIECoach Execution Progress:

Our well tried and tested strategies ignite a life-long desire for learning in students. Students are assigned to small groups and encouraged to ask “why” and “how” satiating their academic quest. With personalized attention, students diligently apply acquired knowledge to problem solving. Our methodology ensure student transition from mere learning to effective learning

The MIECoach Personal Lesson Plan:

Effective learning is central to lifelong success. Impact-Oriented Knowledge Acquisition is the first step towards assess students strengths and weaknesses. MIECoach teachers strive to reinforce student strengths and eliminate students weaknesses, maximizing students potential to learn. Studies show that depending on the environment every students’ learning experience is different. Knowledge retention is significantly increased when students have customized lesson plans. The degree of learning then becomes directly proportional to a child’s level of engagement. Each child’s capabilities are tested in a small-group environment. Benjamin Bloom proved that a 50th percentile student will jump to the 98th percentile when a Personal Lesson Plan is created for the student. Each MIECoach session is customized with your child in mind. Programs are customized based on individual capabilities and needs. This rational drive guaranteed success. You need to experience it to believe it works.

Individualized tutoring proves Benjamin Bloom’s theory. Make the critical decision to ignite your child’s love for a lifetime of learning.